The Dog Park
Here Is The Reckoning
ayyyy this is my blog and shit. theres gonna be some homestuck, welcome to night vale, pacific rim, hannibal, and some other fandom shit that's just everywhere you look anyways. this is where i get angry and too personal so welcome. send me an ask literally whenever you want, especially if you want something tagged
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this is my second project for my comic storytelling class in which a human woman gets hired to be a grim reaper.


A short chubby little baby Carlos for francesksgk

I think I drew him a little too plump


Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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Character:  *dies*
Me:  haha we're just gonna ignore that


you’re walking in the woods

there is no one around

and your phone is dead

out of the corner of your eye you spot him

                                                                                                    shia labeouf

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Sphaerodactylus nicholsi, one of the smallest geckos in the planet. (x)

This is amazing. Look how small it is. It has a heart and a stomach and a brain. And it’s this small


I wish my morning started with an anime opening


Mostly I hope Rose and Dave went down fighting in the alpha session and them dying by Betty Crocker’s hand doesn’t mean they were assassinated/struck by their respective meteors/whatever.

I should refine the drones, but nope.